For Parks & Conservation Authorities

EDGEauditor is a complete trail survey and management tool. It helps land owners and groups quickly, easily and accurately document objects, conduct inspections and maintain asset inventories. We aren’t trying to replace your Davey, Trimble or GIS systems, but our software can help supplement your data with easy to create reports, ability to annotate images and a user-friendly interface that anyone in your organization can learn to use.

Feautres & Solutions

Features & Solutions

The EDGEauditor feature set include a variety of different tools that can be configured and integrated with your survey and inspection operations.

We offer digital solutions for:

  • Audits & Inspections
  • Hazards
  • Signage
  • Point & Linear Objects
  • Waterways
  • Ecology
Feautres & Solutions

Intelligent Allerting

EDGEauditor can be configured to send out alerts based on tolerances and thresholds you set -hazard trees, encroachments, trail surface conditions, blaze degradation and more.

Feautres & Solutions

Gain Insights

EDGEauditor helps you create more intelligent data compared to other systems or methods, because each piece of data you add into the system then becomes indexed and searchable.

More than that, the system learns as it grows, based on the data you put in and how you categorize it. Over time, your data set becomes a living historical record of all your area assets that you can run a myriad of reports on.

Feautres & Solutions

Risk Mitigation

EDGEauditor was designed as a risk management tool first. Its abilities to document objects and information in real time, with your specific needs in mind, makes it the ultimate tool for mitigating risk to public safety.

With intelligent reporting and alert features, as well as GPS-tagged photos and field notes, EDGEauditor helps you create a dynamic library of information that can be manipulated with ease to pull out exactly what you need.

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