Upgrade your guest experience.

With EDGEwaivers, Return on Investment is a given.

What if you could save thousands per year in direct paper and costs associated with storage, while providing your guests with an impressive, user-friendly experience from the start? Look no further than EDGEwaivers by EDGEauditor.

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Unparalleled Guest Experience & Dynamic Navigation

Unparalleled guest experience & dynamic navigation.

  • User-friendly interface, easy navigation, answer dropdowns and visual indicators included throughout for a smooth and simplified user experience
  • Dynamically designed, asking for age confirmation and other important information upfront, so guests don’t have to spend time filling out repeat information, even when filling out multiple releases
EDGEauditor app shown on phone, tablet and Desktop

Point of Sale integration.

  • Effortlessly integrate with your point of sale system to provide an exceptional guest experience without duplication of staff effort
  • Allow staff to validate waivers before guest arrival for increased efficiency
EDGEauditor app shown on phone, tablet and Desktop

Device friendly = guest friendly.

  • Accessible via web browser – on a computer, tablet or mobile phone – so guests can complete them from virtually anywhere when it’s most convenient for them (that means more time on the slopes, and less time standing in line!)
  • Alternatively available as an app on Android or iOS for guests to complete onsite at your location
Screenshot of Self-Taking Photo feature in EDGEwaivers

Self-taking photos.

  • Prompts guests to take their own photo via their phone camera; if they're on a desktop, they can load a photo they already have saved on the device
  • Customizable photo instructions so you can require hats to be removed for the photo, etc.
Screenshot of waiver form

Customizability & flexibility.

  • Option to customize questions and answer ‘actions’ on guests' 'Your Information' section
  • With the built-in communication tool, guests can receive a copy of their waiver to the email address they provide along with a customized message
Mac monitor with Admin dashboard showing digital waiver information

Admin dashboard included.

Pull up information on any customer, at any time – even if they’ve filled out multiple release forms.