Protect Your Resort with Checkpoint by EDGEauditor™: The Ski Industry’s Solution to Self-Serve, Automatic Validation of Staff Temperature at Sign-In

Are you looking for a solution to bring more peace of mind to your staff and guests as you approach the unprecedented 2020-21 season?

In order to empower you to better protect your resort and operations, we’re introducing the NEW Checkpoint by EDGEauditor™: a cost effective, all-in-one self-service kiosk that allows staff to sign in and automatically have their temperature validated.

Specifically designed for use at any staff entry point, this solution provides a simple, self-serve experience upon sign in for anyone on your team, so you can:

  • Ensure only staff members with normal temperature readings are entering the property
  • Be empowered with the up-to-date information you need to make decisions for the safety of your employees, guests and operations

Upon the entry point, your staff’s temperatures will be taken and validated using the on-board thermal camera while conducting facial recognition – quickly prompting a green light to proceed, or a red light with specific instructions in the case of a high temperature.

Normal temperature reading
High temperature reading
Identifying the time of individual at scanner
Additional questions to determine health of individual

Access an overview of up-to-date information with a web-based historical log of all staff temperatures, along with the date and time they were taken.

Record of all temperature taken
Questionaire Details of individual who's temperature has been taken

Interested in taking advantage of Checkpoint by EDGEauditor™ so you can further protect your operations?

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